Topics in the 3rd week of July



7/16 SUN

>> 人に会わず引きこもっているだけで、精神が回復していくのが明らかにわかる。先週は直接関係ない人間関係に対して気疲れしてしまったため、その分、圧倒的に他人と関わらない時間が必要だった。今日は一か月ぶりに油絵をいじっていたし、その間ずっとオルフェンズを観ていた。こういう状態がリフレッシュなる感覚なのかもしれない。

C The furniture they bought was too heavy for Mr. Baker and Ms. Roberts to move by themselves.
B Ms. Gao requested that the department staff send her the final draft the sales report before submitting it to management.
C Before Lucia Gomez and Daniel White moved to their offices on the first floor, both of them had been working on the second floor.
B Ms. Smith's decision to resign in advance of her contract expiration next summer was her own rather than a request from the CEO.
D The CEO, Mr. Wozniak has shown himself to have a polished manner, confidence as a speaker, and the ability to make a deep impression on audiences.

D Working for a publisher in Mumbai and later for his own company, Tiger Books, Mr. Singh translated scores of major Indian novels into English.
B Given her many years of experience in customer service, Ms. Mori is well qualified for the position.
D Richard Martinez spent over 20 years in the food service industry before deciding to open a restaurant on his own.
C International companies such as ours often need to hire financial specialists because of he different regulations that exist in various countries.
D The printing company provides a design service for catalogs and brochures that clients cannot fully develop themselves.

D For those interested in flower arrangement, Maya Li will be providing an introductory course in the first week of May.
C The new low-cost projectors allow purchasers to enjoy movies on a big screen in the comfort of them homes.
C You can purchase used pianos at a fraction of their retail value by attending a musical instrument auction in Whitehaven this weekend.
D The new home improvement app has a free demo version so that you can gauge its value for yourself before purchasing the full package.
A In the survey, participants were asked which of the three fruit drinks they would like to buy.

7/17 MON

C Some of the exhibits at the aquarium include fish commonly found along rocky Hawaiian shorelines.
A If you have not received an ID badge, please obtain one from the personal department.
B Purchase two of Eric Schneider's popular rock 'n' roll CDs and get another free of charge.
A It was a point of contention that Mr. Cox's research results were different from those of his colleagues.
D Everybody of the customers at at Philips Grill have complimented the chef his professionalism and the wonderful gourmet experience provided.

C Ms. Torres told her team members to submit to submit the progress report on the promotional campaign by Thursday afternoon.
C At the conclusion of the workshop, Mr. Brown handed out questionnaires to all participants.
C Riley Lee reminded other office staff that under the regulations, they were required to keep detailed records of all transactions.
A Over the past ten years, Mikan Motors has been serving the automobile repair needs of the Kawasaki area.
C Canberra Community College offers classes on nutrition to both beginners and experts.

C The Tokyo Eye is one of the newest landmarks in the capital, and is already among the most popular tourist destinations.
C Just six months since a career with Cooper Advertising, Mr. Harlan was offered the branch manager position.
C On the day of the audition, entrants need to arrive at the Northern Star Playhouse before 7:00 A.M.
C Over one hundred guests have been invited to the Royal Hotel for the reception after the medical conference next week.
D Because it is a growing company, with sales topping $1 billion last year, Bruno Building always has a construction project in progress.

7/18 TUE

B The National Business Travel Association expects corporate car rental rates to increase by two percent this year.
C E-Marketing Solutions is offering a two-week program for people who want to learn more beyond digital marketing.
A At today's press conference, the CEO declined to comment of the possibility of merger.
D The popular online service is gaining new subscribers at the rate of about one million every two months.
B All contract documents should be sent to our legal office by priority mail.

A Beaver Creek Resource Management is looking to hire three student interns for summer to work on the Brett Grey Ranch in Colorado.
C Due to the forecast of rain, the concert will be held in Joe Louis Arena instead of the outdoor stage at Comerica Park.
C There is an extensive library of books on marketing and sales in the office which can be borrowed on a monthly basis.
D As a token of appreciation for her 20 years of hard work, Mary Wilson was given a gold watch a parting gift.
C Miles Smith used a projector set up in the conference room to deliver his report on the company's sales performance.

B On a typical Saturday night, the restaurant serves as many as 300 patrons between the hours of 6 P.M. and 10 P.M.
A A snowstorm in New York caused flight delays that prevented Ms. Jimenez from arriving until yesterday.
B In addition to signing up for our free daily newsletter, be sure to visit our TechInfo blog for updates over the day.
B The real-estate developer has decided to construct a large shopping mall near the city museum.
D Advance Telecommunications announced that the cause of yesterday's network disruption is still under investigation.

7/19 WED

A Mr. Matsuhashi submitted his travel report immediately upon arrival at the company headquarters.
A To visit our store, follow Parry Road close the pharmacy and you will see it on your right.
A The hotel is situated in quiet residential area and was fully renovated for the guests' comfort last year.
C Employees wishing to exchange their computers must return the old ones to the company within two years.
A Mr. Harrison stated that he would donate any leftover funds to charity when the community canter was complete.

B California Travel Magazine named Hugo Bertrand the best travel writer for five consecutive years.
D Of all the dishes served at the Little Bird Cafe, the Chef's Special Pizza is the most popular.
D Customers of our online store who spend more then $50 will qualify for free shipping.
B Oriental Trade Co. imports and exports a wide variety of consumer and industrial goods, including software, electric motors, and clothes.
D Should you have any questions regarding access to Global Research Center, please direct your inquiry to rep@globalresearch.com.

B Frank Jones has transformed Beansflavor Coffee from a start-up business to a market leader in the high-end coffee market in Willamette.
C Keep up-to-date with the latest information about special offers and discounts at Wagner Clothing Stores by subscribing to our newsletter.
B Until Friday, Portside Clothing Store will have a clearance sale in order to make room for new inventory.
A Dice Pizza announced Tuesday that Ms. Emily Martin will replace David Brandon as CEO in March with a three-year contract.
B The new portable music players from Star Electronics are available in red, blue, and silver.

7/20 THU

B Mr. Anderson suggested that the presenter give a demonstration of the new products at the press conference.
C Crystal Records allows consumers to purchase music for use on both their mobile phones and computers, unlike most other mobile music download services.
C Mr. Jones announced his retirement yesterday after 20 years of outstanding service as CEO.
A All workers are required to read and observe the safety instructions posted for the factory entrance.
A Mr. Romano subscribes to Urban Green Life, a gardening magazine, and keeps each issue neatly filed filed on the top shelf of his bookcase.

C Thanks to favorable wind conditions, Kangaroo Airlines Flight 990 arrived at Wang Tao International Airport one hour following schedule.
C Business owners in Stonehaven may advertise on our Web site at an affordable price.
A Travelers are advised to carry their passports at all times while through some foreign countries.
A The power generators at Hinze Dam have been in operation since the mid-20th century, although they are often stopped for scheduled maintenance.
C As our express delivery option is a guaranteed service, your order will definitely arrive between 8 A.M. and 1 P.M. the following day.

A With its production rates at an all-time low, Kenner Manufacturing decided to renovate its manufacturing facilities.
A The new novel by Daniel Weber will be available in bookstores nationwide a week from today.
D Visitors to Iris Chemical Corporation are requested to observe the "No Food or Drink" signs posted throughout the laboratory.
A As you go down the street, you will see the City Public Library on the left.
D The online cooking course will teach you how to transform simple ingredients into a fine meal in minutes.

7/22 SAT

I have a sister who lives in Osaka.
This is a book which is written by Haruki Murakami.
That is the woman whose husband is a famous doctor.
I know what you want.
I met Mr. Kanzaki and Mr. Maeda, both of whom are famous teachers.

D Career consultant Louise Bennett, whose latest book was published last week, will be speaking at the workshop this afternoon.
C For the interview, applicants are requested to come to our main office, which is located two blocks from Chewy Subway station.
A Best Electronics has introduced a new range of portable appliances designed for customers who reside in small apartments.
A The park restoration project is divided into three phases, the first of which will be to restore old wooden tables and benches.
A Whoever is selected as the team leader will be required to provide regular motivational talks.

B The company's stock, which rose steadily over several years to peak at around $140 early last year, closed Monday at $47.77.
D A contract valued at $30 million will be awarded to the bidder whose proposal is deemed for the work.
B The architect, who designed the Rainbow Historical Museum, received an award for the work.
A GeoTex Software created a series of video games that feature a cute fox and a delightful baby bird.
D The learning program provides online exercises to help employees practice which is taught in the workshop.

C Speed Ltd. is a manufacturing company whose expertise extends to all areas of indoor and outdoor signage.
C The lecture was given by Ms. Takahashi and Ms. Maeyama, both of whom have worked in Europe and Asia.
B Those who attended last week's workshop are encouraged to download the additional material that supplements the lecture.
A Tex Kato is working on a new TOEIC preparation book, which he hopes will be ready for publication in April.
C The construction contract will be given to whichever team makes the best proposal by September 19.