Topics in the 2nd week of August



8/6 SUN

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C Dr. Matthews has received a surprisingly large number of calls in response to her lectures at medical schools nationwide.
C BioTech's corporate structure and financial information are readily accessible to customers on the Web site at www.biotech.com.
D There has been speculation that Techsoft's board is trying to find a replacement for its chief executive by the end of the year.
D Our design consultants generate concepts combining visual impact, clear messages, and a high level of creativity.
B Bookmart.com promises to make improvements to the Web site, and there could be an updated version as early as November.

B The company will provide an additional day of paid vacation when an annual leave day fails on a public holiday.
C Travelpal Luggage is the perfect choice for travelers whether they are traveling on business or for pleasure.
C All visitors to the hotel during the construction phase must wear protective goggles and helmets at all times.
D The client's files must be arranged alphabetically rather than by date to allow for easier searching.
C Kaseguma Design has brightly colored meeting spaces, which are intended to help employees think creatively.

A TAA Airlines has a strict dress code which all staff adhere to diligently.
D The spokesperson for Carter Robotics says its new room cleaning robot will assuredly be revolutionary.
C The office manager is responsible for regularly checking the inventory of office supplies and placing orders if needed.
C Shares of Wellington Depot rose sharply after the retailer reported record sales in December.
A A professional appearance is one of the key elements of a successful job interview.

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8/7 MON

>> @大灯台

B Located in the heart of Manhattan, Gilford's cafe offers a large selection of traditional and contemporary American, Japanese, and Chinese dishes.
A Although Michael Young has been performing as a guitarist for a many yeas, he is relative unknown in the Japanese music industry,
C Ms. Patel's latest novel, Clipped Wings, has been translated into 13 languages since it was first published.
C The residents of Jamestown and Tomasville overwhelmingly approved the construction of a highway to connect the two cities.
A The most imaginative submission in the photography competition will receive a new laptop computer from Candy Computers.

B A great majority of employees use public transport to get to work beacause of the cost of parking in the city.
C The communications manager from Golden Egg Appliances says the company is studying the feasibility of retooling its factory in Ohio.
A Hospital staff member are not permitted to share patients' private details with outside parties without written consent.
B The large drugstore includes a pharmacy with a doctor on hand for consultation during the week.
C The fashion chain announced that it expected to record a substantial lose in the second quarter.

D At the dawn of the Internet, cooperative venture called Next Net was founded to create one of the first search engines.
C A broaden variety of amenities and services are provided by the newly opened Oakridge Hotel.
D Consumers tend to prefer domestic brands when buying necessities like milk, medicines, or diapers.
A Hareyama Flowers provides the perfect arrangements for any occasion including anniversaries, graduations, and weddings.
B Hiring decisions for the new board members will be announced at the meeting this afternoon.

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定義域 候補キー 主キー 一意性制約 参照制約 学生表 クラス表 クラス表 結合

8/8 TUE

>> @ラスボス前の経験値稼ぎ

D The photographs featured on our Web site may be purchased directly from the photographers using the links provided below.
A Attendees will be asked to complete a brief survey at the beginning and end of training program.
A Mr. Hamilton pointed out that most clerical errors are preventable, and suggested a system of checks to resolve the problem.
C Urbandale City College provides several management courses that will improve your employment prospects and add to your qualifications.
D The use of recyclable materials has expanded considerably in the last few years, thanks to the conscientious effort of manufacturers.

A Torres Furniture's old location has been vacant since last February, when the store moved to 1630 Sherman Avenue.
B The results of recent water quality monitoring in the area verify that community health and safety concerns have been effective.
D The curtains, designed by Elaine Hutton, are identifiable by such distinctive motifs as tulips, stylized birds, and other animals.
B The economical use of office space and equipment in the Tokyo branch has been emulated by several of the other international branches.
A For the agreement to be valid, you need to fill out the attached application from and submit it to the human resources manager.

D Huber Online Bookstore guarantees delivery of your order within two working days, provided you order before 4 P.M.
C One of the responsibility of the office manager is to identify volunteers for the emergency evacuation team.
C Ms. Kim received a promotion just three months after being hired as a sales representative at Wilson Manufacturing.
B The product concept is derived from the Karaoke sing-along, a popular pastime in Japan that has been moderately successful in the U.S. as well.
A Due to positive reviews and popular demand, the theatrical production will continue for an extend period of time.

8/9 WED

>> @ナブレウス湿原

D R&D managers must quickly find a way to reduce the production cost of the new portable computer.
C A well-designed logo that is universally recognizable makes a company seem more dependable.
A Located approximately 150 miles south of Rome, Deer Island can easily be reached by plane from Napoli Airport.
C The age of its components and the cost of repair can indicate whether or not it is necessity to purchase a new computer.
C Employee training is vital to running a smooth business and maintaining compliance with industry standards.

D Once the board of directors approves the plan, construction of the new building will begin.
D Strong Steels Inc. is widely regarded as one of the leading steel engineering companies in Asia.
A Ms. Anderson is looking for a dress that is both elegant and comfortable to wear to her supervisor's retirement party.
D Iznik, the site of the ancient Greek Council of Nicaea, has historically been an important center for ceramics production.
C Most of the business travelers surveyed rated Starlight Hotel highly because of the cleanliness of the rooms and its convenient location.

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8/11 FRI

>> @クリスタルグランデ

B Venture capital firms are considering contests that offer competing entrepreneurs multimillion-dollar prizes if they come up with innovative technologies.
A The company's recent rise profitability can be attributed to the managerial acumen of the newly appointed CEO, Leonie Wagner.
D Smile Fitness Center, an exclusive fitness club in Seoul, is urgently seeking full-time personal trainers.
D Confirming of your order will be sent within 24 hours to the e-mail address you have provided.
D Smokey Joe's cafe has three locations in Tokyo, including one recently opened in Aoyama.

B During the probationary period, all newly hired engineers of Thunder Engineering work very closely with their supervisors.
D The company's annual strategy meeting was held at the headquarters on Tuesday to discuss steps to enhance cooperation among the different departments.
B The strategic partnership agreement with a leading Canadian business publisher will enable Bear Publishing to reach a diversity group of readers.
C Situated in the center of Budapest, Royal Sky Hotel is easily accessible to business travelers using public transport.
C Please show consideration for other guests by refraining from conversing during the performance.

B Ms. Carter's presentation included a lengthy explanation of the hiring practices leading companies use to find suitable candidates.
C Sales figures from the Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Yokohama stores showed a noticeable rise in the volume of winter clothing sold during September and October.
B Mr. Ali mistakenly threw away the copies of his itinerary for his trip to Mumbai, so he had to have new ones printed.
C Repairs on Highway 12 are likely to cause to delay in the delivery of supplies to local restaurants.
A The display in the produce section of the Freshone Supermarket will feature exotic fruit from Australia.

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8/12 SAT

>> アルテマが倒せないし諦めてヴェインのとこ行こうか迷い中

A The company picnic will be held on a beach, but the weather forecast is predicting heavy rain.
B The board conducted a second round of interviews with the four selected candidates for the position on Tuesday.
C More than half of the respondents said television was more memorable than any other from of advertising.
A All students who wish to be considered for financial aid for the fall semester should the their applications by May 30.
A Texas Carbide is looking for three marketing professionals who have work experience in the textile industry.

B The company performed well this year and nearly surpassed last year's profits.
B After the six-month probationary period, new employees may be eligible for an increasing in salary.
B It took several days for the managers to decide on which applicant was the most qualified for the position.
B In December, toy stores usually receive lots of shipments and prices competitive until after the holidays.
A Because of its cool climate, the eastern region of Hokkaido is ideal for diary farming.

D Seth Greene agreed to undertake the challenging task of redesigning the mining equipment.
A Mr. Song was recently awarded a prestigious research grant, which should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with his work.
D A week has been set aside in February for new and current staff to undergo employee training.
D Members of the finance committee have been in deliberations since 10 A.M. discussing the proposed budget cuts.
B Fujiyama Restaurant offers a variety of dishes made from fresh seasonal and locally grown vegetables.

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