Topics in the 3rd week of August



8/13 SUN

>> 8/12の時点でクリアまでこぎつけた。なんやかんやアルテマを倒せてしまったため、最後に主人公の雄姿を見て一旦終了。強くてニューゲームは一応始めたけど、ジョブ吟味してから本格的に2周目入りたい。
>> 2倍速モードは本当にありがたかった。2倍速に慣れると、当時はデフォルトの速度でよく遊べたなと思う。
>> Kiss Me Good-Bye、久々に聴いたがあもりにもドラマチックな曲すぎるでしょう...
>> 飲み会でFFどれ推し?という話にちょろっとなった時、12を推す人間が私しかいなかったし、むしろ飽きるとかなんとか否定枠に入れられてしまった。私は12の世界観というか、ストーリーゲーム性以外の部分でもときめきを覚えることが多い。イヴァリースの世界がすきだと言い換えることもできるかもしれない。
>> 12はロマン全開のロケーションが多いのがよい。空中都市ビュエルバ、リドルアナ大瀑布、アルケイディア都市部その他諸々の地域の雰囲気がよすぎる。

>> 地獄少女の1期を観ている。おそらく明日で観終わるんじゃないかと思う。4期から入った人間からすると、なんか1期の方が全体的に質が高いように感じられるんだが気のせいかしらん。
>> エンディング曲のベースラインがシブイ。


A The tables at the banquet were prepared in a style that was simple yet elegant.
D Conference organizers made arrangements for all arriving guests to be presented with an information package.
A The number of orders for the month of May was estimated extremely accurate resulting in a substantial reduction in waste.
B The store display attracted a lot of affection from customers with its brightly colored packages and entertaining animated mannequins.
C As one of the fastest growing distributors in the country, Falcon Supply Inc., is known for its commitment o quality.

D Crown Corporation has been the leading producer of innovative fabrics for over 25 years.
C If all single rooms are already booked, guests will be offered a double room for single use at a correspondingly higher rate.
C Dylan Clarke has been promoted to the position of marketing manager because he organized a national campaign commendably.
A Although construction has already been approved, the city is still looking for an architect to coordinate the project.
B Since his appointment as CEO, Nathan Lee has been running the company much efficiently than his predecessor.

B The Independent School Association has welcomed some of the most prominent lecturers, authors, and performing artists in California.
D The City University offers masters programs in civil engineering, construction, project management, and information technology.
C Some contractors use special diagnostic tools to help pinpoint the source of common home problems.
B The policy that late fees are charged for book returned after the due date is stated quite clearly in the agreement.
C Tullox Shoes are constructed in South East Asia according to the strictest standards for durability and comfort.

>> 35
スター型 バス型 リング型 コリジョン ランダム トークンパッシング方式 トークンバス方式 トークンリング方式 無線LAN
>> 36
IEEE802.3 CSMA/CD方式 1000BASE-T 1000Mbps 無線LAN
>> 37
MACアドレス MACアドレス 48ビット IPアドレス

8/14 MON

A The highly anticipated second album of William Roy is distinct from the first but no less remarkable.
C The mission of the university store is to provide a wide range of competitively priced merchandise to students and faculty members.
B Easy to handle, light, maneuverable, and powerful, the lawnmower is perfectly suited to small lawns of up to 2,000 square feet.
B Japanese cuisine has received a lot of attention in the last 10 years, and consequently has gained popularity all over the world.
C Should you require assistance with your selection of tools, please talk to one of our experienced advidors.

C Not only does the new sedan have an appealing design, but it also offers its passengers more luggage room.
D Employees scheduling vacation leave of one full week or more bust obtain permission from their supervisors in advance.
D New subscribers are eligible for a 30 day free trial period and will receive one free song download upon signing up.
D Rubber producers are working hard to fill orders from the automobile industry which is expecting to sell record numbers of vehicles this year.
A Fast & Falls is a Dallas-based interior design firm, known for personalized service and a sophisticated style.

A This medication should only be taken as directed by a qualified physician.
B The jewelry box is covered in a thin layer of hand-stitched black leather stretched tightly around the frame.
A Fun Toys is pleased to announce two shipments of the popular game will arrive this month, the first of which should come shortly.
D Ms. Watanabe's new coffee tumbler, which cost over 30 dollars, is stylish as well as functionally.
B When placing an order during holiday seasons, please note that it will take approximately five to seven days for the delivery.

>> 38
データリンク層 第3層 ネットワーク層 TCP ネットワーク層
>> 39
IPアドレス ポート番号 ポート番号 IPアドレス ウェルノウンポート
>> 40
リピータ 物理層 リピータハブ MACアドレス ブリッジ IPアドレス ルータ ネットワーク層 ゲートウェイ
>> 41
ホストアドレス部 クラスC サブネットマスク サブネットアドレス部

8/15 TUE

>> 42
32 128 IPv6 NAT NAPT パケットフィルタリング方式 アプリケーションゲートウェイ IPアドレス DNSサーバ
>> 5章末
ア  イ ア エ エ イ
>> 43
盗聴 暗号化 暗号化 復号 暗号鍵