Topics in the 1st week of September



9/3 SUN

>> H27秋期 午前試験
テクノロジ:74.0% マネジメント:87.5% ストラテジ:68.4%
>> H27秋期 午後試験

B The Green Scholars Program offers undergraduate students who have a demonstrated interest in environmental issues an opportunity to attend the Osio Green Forum.
B The ideal candidate for the position will require at least 10 years of work experience in human resources at a manageable level.
A To ventilate your home during the summer, windows and internal doors should be left open overnight in a secure manner.
B Scientists at Warsaw's Central Laboratory have been trying to find cleaner ways of burned coal.
B All deliveries must be picked up from the storage room at least one hour before the store opens.

A A survey shows that only an estimate 30 percent of the workforce in the textile industry is female.
B Nishiwaki Corporation has been acquired by Blue Ocean Electronics in a deal valued at 1 billion yen.
A The rules concerning employee use of company-owned mobile phones are outlined in the employee handbook.
A Factory workers were critical of the company for its failure to keep them informed about the shutdown plans.
C FastLine Computers opened 10 call centers last year and plans to add another 10 this year as part of its growth initiative.

A Imports to the state from Europe consist of food and beverages despite the large farming industry that exists here.
C Only applications from candidates who meet all eligibility requirements will be replied to.
A Some industry experts predict that Sunrise Computers will continue to make advance in computer technology.
D Iron Air confirmed today that it plans to resume aircraft production at its factory in Kerrvillr in January after a five-year absence from the market.
B Furniture purchases made online may be returned for any reason, so long as the packaging has not been removed,

9/5 TUE

>> H27春期 午前試験
テクノロジ:67.3% マネジメント: ストラテジ:

9/6 WED

>> H27春期 午前試験
テクノロジ:67.3% マネジメント:100% ストラテジ:68.8%

C Prospective students are required to complete the introductory course prior to registering for Advanced Programming Theory.
D Far more calls were received from disappointed fans than anticipated after the concerts by Jack Chan were canceled.
C The Indiana Mineral Association has secured a room rate of $109 per night excluding taxes at the Marion Hotel during the annual.
D Cooper House dental surgery recognizes that all members of the team have a legal and ethical duty to keep patient information.
C The amount of traffic the company Web site attracted before the product launch was an encouraging sign for the marketing division.

B As a special benefit for conference attendees, complimentary Wi-Fi service will be available in hotel rooms booked through this Web site.
D It was decided to post the important safety video on the Internet to ensure that it reached the broaden possible audience.
A The parks department has plans for three new inner city parks and has made the information readily accessible from its Web site.
B Eagle Joe's Pizza delivers to Mermaid Waters and surrounding areas at no extra cost.
C Alan Chan was entrusted with a challenging and costly project due to the high degree of success he had been enjoying.

D Newly housed in a facility designed by a Swiss architecture firm, the Nagano Youth Museum reopened in October 2012.
B The apparel catalog is divided into sections by clothing type so that customers can easily locate the items they wish to purchase.
D With its spas, saunas, massage rooms, and fitness center, Stallard Towers Hotel provides a refreshments stay for business and leisure travelers alike.
D Colorado Cafe will introduce a new line of coffee with a free taste at Braxton Supermarket on Thursday, June 16, from 2 P.M.
C A recent survey found that more than a quarter of Japanese mobile broadband subscribers are unlikely to renew their contracts.

9/8 SAT

>> H26秋期 午前試験
テクノロジ:60.0% マネジメント:88.9% ストラテジ:68.8%

D After having lived in a small town in Ohio for ten years, Ms. Wright wants to move to a more stimulating city like New York.
D This book contains 15 tips to help improve employee morale and boost productivity within an organization.
D Now the owner of a large restaurant chain, Mr. Kim believes that persistence is a characterization of a successful entrepreneur.
A According to a recent survey, real estate agencies remain cautiously optimistic about the housing market in Miami.
B In her recent book, Marketing Success, the author claims that advertised targeting specific audiences are often the most successful.

D Thanks to clear skies and careful planner, the seventh annual Greenfield Road Race saw its biggest turnout yet, with approximately 500 runners.
B The Axis 3000, a new energy-efficient hybrid car, has extraordinary potential for global sales, said automotive writer, Alex Tokudaiji.
A Mr. Hoffman, a company spokesperson, said on TV that Nile Electronics Ltd. has raised worker productivity through consistent training programs.
B Since its establishment 50 years ago, the Richmond Chamber of Commerce has worked tirelessly to build the local economy.
A Seaside Resort Hotel is offering discounts of up to 40 percent on all stays until September 30 as long as they are booked by July 1.

A If guests find noise from the renovation work object, they may transfer to another local hotel after the first day.
D When renovations are required, a completed building modification form must be forwarded to the department head.
C Superior Design Company has held competitions among its employees to create its new company logo.
D As part of the marketing study, customers were given samples of three different fruit juices with brand labels purposely concealed.
A Some business leaders believe increasing the size of their organizations will lead to corporate prosperity.